TheHoneycomb at the Harrison Neighborhood Association (HNA) is a co-working space for people committed to justice-centered work with and for “The People”. HNA holds a space for deep engagement, collaboration and leadership development within our communities. Dedicated to peace & prosperity with racial and economic equity at the center, HNA is always willing to share space with those committed to social change. Our member cooperation policies have been created to encourage a productive environment that is conducive to collaboration when desired by members.

We are currently full and happy to share space with Women Child Safe Center and Mr. Kirk Washington Jr.  


Good Neighborliness

Members of TheHoneycomb enter into a social contract as a part of their space rental.  You are not required to make friends, meet people or collaborate but it is our hope that all of these things will happen naturally.  We hope that you will bring your positive energy and ideas to our shared environment to continually strengthen the communities we all serve.  At minimum, you must recognize and be respectful of the shared workspace.  Harrison Neighborhood Association reserves the right to terminate the membership and/or lease of any individual, group or organization deemed to be compromising the wellbeing of other members or the space as a whole.  Our belief is that we can resolve any arising conflicts with transparency and a commitment to our values as justice-oriented people.

Common spaces

Members should leave common areas as clean as or cleaner than they found them.  All coworkers must clean up after themselves and their guests.  However, trash, recycling and bathroom cleaning is included in facilities management and is coordinated by and the responsibility of HNA.

Shared Amenities

Shared amenities include security, keys, cleaning, kitchen facilities, copy machine, internet service, parking, board room, and other meeting spaces.  These costs are included in our rates.


Each member is responsible for ensuring the security of their individual workspace and equipment.  Coworkers are also expected to ensure the shared security of the common spaces and the workspaces around them.  Members will have secure access to facilities and be required to complete a security training. 

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