We are creating a prosperous and peaceful community that equitably benefits all of Harrison neighborhood’s diverse racial, cultural, and economic groups.


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HNA's Annual Meeting/Spring Festival

Harrison Community Center, 503 Irving Ave N

Thursday, May 21st from 5:30-8:00pm

  • HNA Board of Directors Elections
  • Dinner & Dessert
  • Performances by Neighborhood Artists
  • Organization & Business Vendors     


Public Comment Open for Phase 1:            Station Area Planning

Mon, April 20th - Mon, May 4th

Starting in January 2014 Harrison Neighborhood Association begin engaging residents, transit riders, and business owners so the development coming  best serves this community and the unique characteristics of the neighborhood around each LRT Station stops. It has been a full and exciting year of gathering input and it has all ben compiled into one document for community comment. Please take time to view and comment on the Phase 1: SAP Draft with likes and concerns. (Click Link Below)

View Phase 1: SAP Draft

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You Decide: New LRT Stops

Residents Shape Future LRT Lines

How do we bring transit riders voices to the decision making table? This is a question that HNA is working with riders and residents to answer. A group of transit-riding residents met in March to talk about their experience as riders and how to begin creating spaces that are welcoming for riders to give input.

The way engagement and input processes have been set up makes the information inaccessible to everyday people who don't know all of the transit terminology. So how do we begin to change this? We create a space that is accessible and welcoming to all people of all knowledge levels.

Starting Wednesday, May 13th we'll host community transit meetings at HNA where everyone from all walks of life can participate and have their voice heard. If you would like to attend a meeting or want to know more about transportation in Harrison, please contact