Community Created, Community Stewarded

The seeds of the neighborhood association were first sown in May 1981 when the neighborhood began its participation in the city’s crime prevention program. Neighborhood residents responded by volunteering as block leaders and joining a neighborhood crime watch effort. For several years crime prevention was the main activity of neighborhood volunteers. In that time, 43 block leaders and area representatives in the neighborhood worked to reduce crime.  From this effort, there emerged a commitment to a wider range of neighborhood issues.

The Harrison Neighborhood Association (HNA) was formally organized in 1984 to address neighborhood problems. Tasks related to environmental issues, housing concerns, youth and family issues, economic development and crime and safety efforts were then divided up between members. Today, The Harrison neighborhood is one of the most culturally, racially, and economically diverse communities in Minneapolis. Harrison residents have built a rich history of art, creativity, and resilience. Local businesses have built a strong community of investment and possibility. We stand at the crossroads of opportunity and equity